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Harmoniums are at the heart of what we do, and we deliver them with incredible care.

At Old Delhi Music:

  • WE DO individually set up and custom tune each and every harmonium at the time of sale to ensure quality. We only ship when we're happy.
  • WE DON'T hastily ship harmoniums that were never set up or tuned to our standards in the first place and have been aging in a distribution warehouse.
  • WE ARE dedicated musicians who care deeply about giving our customers a quality product and experience.

Shop our harmonium collections here, including: travel harmoniums (designed with portability in mind); student harmoniums (designed with newer, budget-conscious players in mind); folding harmoniums; standard harmoniums; classic harmoniums; and kolkata style (aka scale changer) harmoniums. We've provided links to each collection below!




    Exceptional Harmoniums | Individually Set Up and Precision Tuned

    Whatever your experience level with harmoniums -- we have the answers and instruments you're seeking. Choose Old Delhi Music for not only the very best harmoniums for sale anywhere, but also the best support, service, and overall quality buying and ownership experience possible.

    The world is absolutely flooded with low-quality harmoniums produced in bulk and sold carelessly. A poor quality harmonium might look okay on a computer screen, but the reality is something else. Our promise is simple - we don't sell that stuff.
    Each of the harmoniums we have for sale come from a builder or exporter we know personally and have spent time with in India. We are careful to only buy products we understand and feel authentic in promoting. Everything we import is brought to our shop in Illinois for careful inspection and final preparation. Imperfections are repaired and our instruments are tuned to provide only the richest, warmest sounds possible.

    Our hands-on, personalized approach ensures that you will not only find the best harmonium brands at Old Delhi Music, but more importantly, the absolute best sounding and playing versions of those harmoniums available anywhere - each fully optimized for unbelievable sustain, key action/feel, and custom tuned to A440, A432, or anything else you may need.


    When looking to buy a harmonium online, we've known many customers who first purchased their harmoniums on sites like Amazon and eBay only to discover that their new instrument wasn't good quality or even playable. At Old Delhi Music, our goal is to only deliver great instruments and exceptional customer experiences. Shop with us online today and have confidence knowing that you're getting a unique harmonium that has been specially prepared for you by people with knowledge and expertise about these instruments.

    There are a number of factors you should consider such as: style, build quality, grade and weight of the wood, portability, its number of reed banks, and other features, such as whether you'd like to have a coupler.
    While this may seem overwhelming, don't worry. We've put together a FREE harmonium buying guide that you can download as PDF.

    Learn More About Harmoniums

    The harmonium, a small manually-pumped instrument, was invented in Europe in 1842 and brought to India in the late 1800s by colonialists who wished to play church music at home. It is sometimes referred to as a pump organ. Its popularity swelled in the late 1800s and early 1900s, and has since experienced a revival in the United States and elsewhere.

    There are two types of harmonium: a foot-pumped version that resembles a small organ, and a hand-pumped portable version that can fold up for easy transport. The foot-pumped harmonium requires its player to press two pedals with their feet, one at a time while their hands remain free to play the keyboard. The hand-pumped harmonium, invented years after Alexandre Debain's original, requires its player to push and pull a handle back and forth, leaving only one hand free to play the keys. 

    The standard harmonium, which feature two handles on its side, is the most common world-wide. It is used in classical, semi-classical, and devotional music, and has made many an appearances in popular music, including recordings by Paul Simon, The Beatles, Tom Petty, Tom Waits, and Beck.

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    Buy Harmonium Accessories Online

    If you're looking for harmonium accessories, you've found your source here at Old Delhi Music. Whether you're looking for reeds, bags, foot pedals, teaching materials, books, and dvds, we've got you covered. View our harmonium accessory page to see more:


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    Old Delhi Music is a premier, boutique outlet for high-quality, hand-crafted harmoniums. We're the worlds premier harmonium boutique, located in North America and shipping worldwide. Contact us today - we look forward to working with you!