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Old Delhi Music is an online boutique committed to selling the very finest traditional Indian instruments available anywhere. We are located in Urbana, IL and everything we import is housed here in the U.S. - we don't drop ship, because...that just doesn't work with acoustic instruments. The work we do is, by necessity, fairly slow and steady - we invest our days and weeks and lives into what amounts to lots and lots of quality control. When we're not traveling to India to meet with our builders and troubleshoot problems at the source, we're in our shop tuning tweaking, tuning, and fixing these instruments every day. And we love it!

While our business is formally just an online store and we do not have a commercial storefront, we do regularly have customers come through by appointment, so be in touch if you'd like to stop by.

Also, we've built a great business focusing mostly on the instruments, and marketing is honestly not our biggest strength. If you're looking for something you're not seeing online, we may actually have it... So, be sure to ask. Thanks!

Phone: 312-869-9092