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If you're looking to buy a tabla or mridanga, we trust that you'll enjoy scrolling through our selection. Each of our drums is closely inspected and passes a high standard for quality. 

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As we discuss on our harmonium page, our instruments are custom designed in-house and manufactured in cooperation with people we know and trust, or they're hand selected from makers in India. We do not sacrifice quality on the drums and percussion instruments we have for sale. Whether you're looking for a tabla or mridanga for sale, you can be sure that we stand behind its quality.

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The tabla is one of the most common types of Indian percussion instrument. It consists of two single headed, barrel shaped small drums of slightly different size and shapes.

The smaller drum, commonly referred to as the daya or dayan, is typically played with the dominant hand and is usually tuned to a specific note to complement the melody. It is usually of wood -- teak and rosewood -- and its physical appearance resembles two truncated cones bulging at the center.

Its counterpart, the baya, is usually played with the left hand and measures about 10 inches in height. It is a single-headed drum usually of wood, but sometimes it is made with copper or clay. They typically sport hoop and thong lacings to maintain skin tension. Pressure from the heel of the player’s hand changes the tone colour and pitch.

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Mridangas are two-sided drums made from a hollowed piece of jackfruit wood approximately an inch thick. The drum's two openings are covered with goatskin. Leather straps run across the drum's circumference and create tension, which causes the drum to resonate when struck. One tunes a mridanga by adjusting the pressure and tension of each strap.

To best play a mridanga, rest it parallel to the floor. Use your right hand to play the smaller side and your left hand to play the larger side.

Learn More About Tablas & Mridangas

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Old Delhi Music is a trusted seller in the United States, with roots in Central Illinois. We've sold handcrafted Indian Instruments to customers across the United States, Australia, Europe, Canada, and Mexico.

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Old Delhi Music is the store that most players trust for quality, hand-crafted tablas and mridangas. If you're looking for a local outlet or for a place that can safely ship your instrument, look no further.

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