Standard Harmoniums

While folding harmoniums are certainly very popular, there are two definite advantages to the standard box style:

  1. Sound: On a standard boxes naturally produce a warmer, richer tone because the resonate surface is not physically broken into two or more pieces.
  2. Durability: Folding harmoniums are prone to issues specific to all the extra moving parts. A simple standard box will have none of those problems.

It's also good to note that most standard harmoniums are still very portable. Ours always come with a padded gig back, and many of them will weigh the same or even less than similar folding models.

All of our standard harmoniums are tuned and adjusted independently at the time of sale at our shop in Urbana, IL. When we're happy with the tuning and tweaking, they are SHIPPED FREE anywhere in the mainland U.S.A., without the risks inherent to getting them a "quick shipping" warehouse or direct from India. We also ship internationally at discounted rates. Contact us for details.