TAAL Bhangra Dhol - Traditional Leather

  • TAAL Bhangra Dhols are made in Varanasi, India. This model is professional quality and is made of sustainably harvested Mango wood. The bottom head is leather, and the higher pitched head is synthetic. Both heads are lug tuned.

    - Sticks and bag
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  • NOTE: Size details are approximate/average. 
    - Length: 24 inches
    - Width at Hip: 14 inches
    - Weight: ~13 lbs.
    - Diameter of heads: 12 inches
    - Construction: Mango Wood

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  • While much of India is rapidly advancing, the Indian instrument manufacturing process remains very old school. From touch ups to tuning, much of what we do at Old Delhi Music is add a layer of quality control to an otherwise non-standardized production process.

    We wrote THIS ARTICLE to ensure customers understand and might appreciate this vintage production style, the unique products we carry, and how we're working to ensure genuine quality, despite the odds. It's a quick read, and definitely worthwhile for anyone considering the purchase of a traditional Indian instrument.

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