Kanai Lal Professional Electric Travel Sitar

  • This traveler isn't just an alternative to the bulky sitar you're leaving at home. You might actually love it just as much - for different reasons. The Kanai Lal Professional Travel Sitar is a solid little instrument and perfect for anyone looking for a petite, Ghandar Pancham sitar for their journeys or anyone looking to electrify their sitar performance. 

    A hard case is included and your sitar will be professionally set up at our Urbana, IL shop before shipping.

    - FREE SHIPPING within U.S. (excludes HI and AK)
    - Deluxe Fiberglass Hard Case ($149 value)
    - One Extra String Set
    - Mirzrabs
    - Professional Set-Up / Prep

    Optional Add-On's:
    - Additional string sets & Mizrabs (discounted w/ purchase)
    - Sitar Pickup (Add $150)

  • - Overall Dimensions: 44 x 13 x 4 inches
    - Weight: 5.75 lbs.
    - Main Strings: 6
    - Taraf/Sympathetic Strings: 12
    - Color: Medium Walnut
    - Finish: Poly

  • SHIPPING: Our packing methods have ensured that over 99% of the instruments we ship arrive undamaged. Should things not go perfectly, we will get you a replacement, refund, part or whatever is necessary. No problem.

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    If you're curious, PBS dug into a little bit of the back story in 2014:

    And if you're curious about what we've been up to more recently, our sitar buddy Jeff Starr released this interview in 2021:

  • While much of India is rapidly advancing, the Indian instrument manufacturing process remains comparatively primitive. From touch ups to tuning, much of what we do at Old Delhi Music is add a layer of quality control to an otherwise non-standardized production process.

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