The Harmonium Workbook: 3rd Edition


Assembled by Keith Villanueva (Hanumanji), the Harmonium Workbook A to Z is without a doubt the most exhaustive harmonium learning resource available anywhere. The book combines theoretical concepts, skill building exercises, pronunciation guides, chord charts and other practical reference materials with a library of devotional chants, including words and music. From beginner to advanced, this is an amazing resource for learning at all stages.

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Jai Uttal
- "Keith's harmonium workbook is a treasure trove of information for the budding kirtan musician. Exercises, fingering, Sargam, songs.... It's all here for the taking. This is an invaluable, highly recommended tool!"

Michael H. Cohen - “Keith Villanueva’s Demystifying the Harmonium Workbook A-Z is a must-have resource for all current and aspiring Kirtan Leaders. This workbook is chock full of practical and detailed information on playing the harmonium, vocalizing, using Indian scales and musical notation and playing chords. Most importantly, Keith shares dozens of wonderful traditional and original chants in an easy to understand and use musical format. Get this workbook if you are looking to start sharing Kirtan with others. Study this workbook if you are ready to take your Kirtan Leadership to the next level!” Dattatreya Kirtan Institute founder.

C.c. White - “Amazing Keith! So wonderful that you’re sharing this with the World!
Thank You!”

Pascale LaPoint, lead vocalist – Kirtan Path - “There’s something here for everyone —
beginner to advanced. You pick whether you merely want to learn one of the many easy
chants provided with notation or whether you want to delve fully into learning to play the
harmonium and compose your own melodies to timeless mantras. Using this workbook
gives you hours upon hours of study opportunities with fingering and vocal exercises,
chord progressions, sargam, thaats, ragas, pronunciation; all put together by my dear
bhakti brother Hanumanji — a labor of love that is the best harmonium workbook I have
seen around.”

David Estes (Ananda Rasa Kirtan) - “Harmonium Workbook A to Z by Keith Villanueva
is far more than just a harmonium workbook. It is a comprehensive manual for all kirtan
musicians covering both Eastern and Western musical foundations and much more.
Everything from vocal warmups and exercises, harmonium keyboard technique, a
Sanskrit pronunciation guide, a guide to rhythm, a great variety of different chants by
Kirtan artists…It’s all in there. Thanks Keith for putting this together for all us.
Hari Bol!”